Trade Show

Kim Leahy and Edie McGee-Peterkin have teamed up to bring our customers more of the quality products and services you are used to.

Kim Leahy will be focusing on designing kits and jewelry. Esther Beadwork will be introducing new kits throughout the year for sale at the trade shows. Also, Kim will continue teaching and working along with Edie to keep Esther Beadwork your favorite seller.

Edie McGee-Peterkin will be handling the trade show division of Esther Beadwork and participating at more shows throughout Florida and North Carolina. Esther Beadwork will continue to carry the high quality Japanese seed beads, Toho and Delica, as well as a larger variety of products used for beading such as tulip needles, thread, rivolis, buttons and Czech specialty beads.

Trade Show Events

Intergalactic Bead Shows 
Charlotte, NC

Intergalactic Bead Shows 
Pompano Beach, FL 
Sept 19-20

The Whole Bead Show - Viscount Suites 
4855 East Broadway, Tucson, AZ

Due to Covid-19,, please check the shows on the main website to receive up-to-date show information.


Dear Kim,

I just got home from the show. Your booth looked lovely and the ladies so helpful!! It was very busy, I think they had a good day. I contributed, your beads were well stockedand the selection extensive!! Thank you and them for all the effort it takes..